Quality of Nakano Seiyaku

Quality of Nakano Seiyaku

Our Commitment


The Origin of Nakano-ism

[We don't sell water]. Our origin is symbolized by the words of our founder, Koichi Nakano. "The product must be shaped by the conscience and sincerity of scientists. Quality is everything." In other words, it is important to deliver high-quality products with high technology in good faith, rather than frivolous products with the equivalent of water. This belief is still applied to each product, 60 years since the company’s foundation.

The name: NAKANO “Seiyaku”,
despite not being a pharmaceutical company

Though a cosmetics company, "pharmaceutical" was included in the company name by founder Koichi Nakano because of his passion for making products with integrity. Originally a scientist, he wanted to demonstrate the company’s commitment to creating products that would not betray the conscience of scientists, with a sincere desire to make cosmetic products as if they were pharmaceuticals, so he chose the two characters “sei-yaku” (meaning pharmaceutical) as a reflection of this.

[Is it for the customer?]

The base criteria for judging all that we do is the question “Is it in the best interests of the customer?" With this guideline firmly in place, we are able to consider the position of each customer from their point of view in everything we do and think. This customer-orientated approach is deeply rooted in each and every employee, forming the spirit of NAKANO personnel.

Nakano’s Quality Policy

In order to produce cosmetics of the highest quality, we abide by five items that form the [NAKANO Quality Policy]. This ensures thorough quality control from raw material procurement to manufacturing, and guides our pursuit of making trustworthy products.
Using the [NAKANO Quality Policy] as a foundation, we are involved in a variety of initiatives to deliver products that are trusted by our customers.

About the NAKANO Quality Policy

Development・Production System


Trial and error to support product development

Countless roots extend into the ground to support a large, sturdy tree. Likewise, when we produce a single product, we start by making countless prototypes. After repeated performance evaluation tests, stability tests, and safety tests, only those that clear all categories are chosen as test products. Those products are trialed in selected salons and, based on feedback, further improvements are made to improve the quality of our products.

Even research staff visit salons in person

Like our salespeople, Nakano Seiyaku’s research staff also visit salons in person. This is because listening to the voice of our clients is the starting point of research and development. By visiting salons in person, they are able to communicate directly with salon staff, pick up hints for product development, and hear feedback regarding sample products. Reflecting on such evaluations, research staff become accustomed to creating products from the standpoint of everyday users, making it possible to develop items based specifically on the needs of our clients.

Insatiable quest for hair science

Nakano Seiyaku first introduced a scanning electron microscope to micro-evaluate hair damage in 1976. At that time, there were few manufacturers that deployed such advanced equipment. Even now, we use various devices fitting for the name of “pharmaceutical company” to observe the actual nature of hair and collect objective data to support product effectiveness. In addition, to develop products with a sound foundation that go beyond active ingredients and sensory evaluation, we will focus on basic research activities through industry-academia collaboration, promote open innovation, and continue to create value for our customers based on new knowledge.


Reliable and safe manufacturing

We abide by the slogan [Careful and thorough manufacturing for the customer], and have created an original quality checking system for all manufacturing processes in order to deliver products that customers can use with peace of mind on a daily basis. In addition, through integrated production that handles the entire process from raw material procurement to compounding, filling, packaging, inspection, storage, and shipping in-house, we are able to provide a flexible and speedy response.

The final check is always made by a person

Nakano Seiyaku uses an automated assembly line that creates products together with people, characterized by utilizing delicate manual work by humans and machine accuracy for quality manufacturing. We use state-of-the-art equipment that employs sensor technology and camera inspection to provide peace of mind to our customers. However, to ensure NAKANO quality, we cannot omit the final checking process by human eyes.

Reduction of environmental burden stance remains unchanged since foundation

Since Nakano Seiyaku's factory is close to Lake Biwa, we have been manufacturing products that reduce environmental impact as much as possible since our establishment. We manage water quality to meet the standards required by local governments, and are engaged in conservation activities to contribute to an environment where people can continue to coexist with Lake Biwa, which nurtures an outstanding landscape and a rich natural ecosystem.


Beautiful packaging for everyday enjoyment

In addition to product quality, careful consideration is also given to designing packaging that is beautiful to look at and easy for anyone to use in everyday life.

Environmental・Socially considerate product creation

Nakano Seiyaku is serious about trying to create environmentally friendly products. Impact on ecosystems is reduced as much as possible by using raw materials that limit environmental impact and maintaining a high level of [biodegradability] in which microorganisms such as bacteria decompose chemicals. Packaging specifications have also been simplified to reduce waste output. In addition, we are actively adopting and aiming to increase the use of FSC certified paper for all related products such as cosmetic boxes, cardboard boxes, and pamphlets.

Just in case, previously used raw materials and products are kept in storage

To ensure that our clients always have access to Nakano Seiyaku products with peace of mind, we not only carefully select raw materials, but also store raw materials for three years, and products for five years. We take all possible measures to ensure the safety of our manufacturing processes and products, but in the unlikely event that something happens, we are ready to both investigate the cause and respond immediately.