Corporate Information
  • About ODM/OEM

Total support of original brand development

Utilizing our developmental and technological capabilities gained over many years of producing professional grade products, in recent years we have been actively expanding into the ODM/OEM market.

Due to the depth of our experience, we are able to develop state-of-the-art products that accurately capture client needs, and we currently support the original product development of a wide variety of clients.

With sales, research, and marketing all taking place on site at the Kyoto head office, we have received highly positive feedback from clients for our flexible and speedy handling of business related matters. In addition to styling categories such as [Nakano Styling Wax], we can provide total support from design to production in hair care, hair color, perming products, and so forth.

In addition, we have a track record of developing products not only in Japan but also overseas, and can make proposals for companies that are considering overseas expansion.

We vow to do our best to offer proposals that respond to the varied needs and requests of all potential customers, so please feel free to contact us.


Examples of products on offe

Examples of products on offer Shampoo, conditioner, treatment cream, leave-in conditioner.
Styling products (lotions, milk, creams, waxes, gels, greases, sprays, etc.)
Hair growth tonic, perming agent, hair color,
body care, skin care, etc.


ODM/OEM with NAKANO Seiyaku

  • Whole process experience from design and development to production (ODM)
    We accept orders for concept design and formulation development, and are able to conduct a variety of tests (physical properties evaluation test, safety test, stability test, antiseptic test). We also handle regulatory procedures such as applications as per the Pharmaceutical Machinery Act, procurement, production, and delivery of raw materials. One-stop handling of the entire process enables the provision of high-level products.
  • Product development from a professional perspective (hairdressers)
    We are able to develop state-of-the-art products due to our experience working directly with salons since our establishment in 1959. Direct consultation between our staff and industry professionals ensures that thorough, high quality product development is achieved.
  • Departmental co-operation from research to production
    The sales, research, and marketing departments are all located at our head office. Research staff and sales staff with scientific knowledge are also present on site. With this functional support network, it is possible to develop products with customer input smoothly, and also to perform prototype and mass production tests quickly.
  • Product creation based on strict management standards for peace of mind and safety
    From prescription design to production and shipment, we provide safe and secure products based on strict standards. Our factory is located adjacent to Lake Biwa, and in addition to standard regulations, we apply further regulations of our own, including strict standards in relation to the clearing of wastewater.
  • Study seminars for sales promotion
    At the time of a product launch, in order to increase user knowledge and promote sales, we conduct study sessions on the ingredients used and demonstrate how to use the products. We vow to offer sales promotion activities with fulfilling content with the aim of revitalizing industry sales, and will do this by maintaining up-to-date knowledge within our company regarding effective salon operation strategies.
  • Overseas OEM
    We have a track record of developing products for overseas, and are able to make proposals to companies that are considering overseas expansion.


  • What is ODM/OEM?
    OEM is outsourcing to manufacture your private brand. ODM is an extension of OEM which covers the initial product planning right through to manufacturing. We are placing particular effort into the [planning proposal type style] of ODM.
  • What is the minimum batch (lot) number?
    The minimum number of lots varies depending on the bulk and capacity per piece. Economic lots range from 3,000 to 5,000 pieces.
  • Please tell me about the schedule from production to delivery.
    Each product is made to order, so the time period from development to commercialization is variable. Please contact our sales representative for further information.
  • About how much will it cost?
    Pricing varies depending on bulk components, dosage forms, container shapes, specifications, contents, and number of lots. We can tailor prescriptions and specifications to meet your needs, so please feel free to contact us for further information.
  • What do I need to prepare before inquiring about ODM/OEM?
    The most important thing is to decide on a product concept. Having a vision of the required product item and the raw materials to be blended, enables product commercialization to proceed smoothly.
  • Do you accept requests from outside the cosmetics industry?
    Yes. Beyond hair salons, we have taken on requests from other types of industry, including apparel, food, and entertainment-related companies just to name a few.
  • How long does it take for a prototype to be produced?
    Please think of it as roughly two to three weeks. However, please note that it may take additional time to procure fragrances and special ingredients.