Shaping Beauty Together

Beauty is not something special;
it is present in every day of every person's life.
Whether it appears randomly or at a life-changing moment, beauty always brings us radiance and joy.
Beauty is an indispensable part of people’s lives.
Since its establishment in 1959, NAKANO has been dedicated to hair science,
creating various forms of beauty based on our founder’s vow to make formulations
“that are genuine and with substance”
rather than those that merely look good on the surface.
With this unwavering passion and proven technology,
we have and will continue to strive for the realization of a society
in which all people around the world can enjoy beauty at any time.
Nothing would make us happier than to be there for each
and every one of those precious moments.



With a focus on “beauty”, we aim to be an approachable company
that is always accessible to society and individuals,
ready to cooperate when needed. When problems arise,
we will explore every possible solution.
Through our pursuit of beauty, we aspire to share joy and pleasure with society.


  • 1

    Being excited to excite others

  • 2

    Taking on new challenges

  • 3

    Improving continuously through

  • 4

    Focusing on customer viewpoint
    and satisfaction

  • 5

    Clarifying principles and objectives

  • 6

    Aiming for professional excellence

  • 7

    Maintaining respect
    and consideration of others

  • 8

    Leading with integrity

  • 9

    Embracing globalization
    and diversification

  • 10

    Deciding for now