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caradeco museria

Salon color that brings out colorful personality

caradeco museria produces beautiful fashion colors that are easy to calculate and enable a wide range of color expression.

caradeco museria originated from the idea of the “circular positioning plan” which gives beautiful color development even when using a single color, and furthermore, the colors resist muddying when mixed, so it is simple to calculate the tone and achieve the color just as imagined.


  • Caradeco Museria
    quasi drug

  • Caradeco Oxide N 06
    quasi drug

  • Caradeco Oxide N 02
    quasi drug

  • ※ Please use the hair color (quasi-drug) correctly after thoroughly reading the precautions.
  • ※ Do not use if you have developed irritation after using hair color in the past. In addition, do not conduct a skin allergy test (patch test).
  • ※ Please conduct a skin allergy test (patch test) each time before use.
  • Regarding "irritation" and "skin allergy test (patch test)", please visit the Japan Hair Color Industry Association website ⇒


The realization of beautiful color development as fashion color

Effectiveness of the new alkali composition

Our previous composition New alkali composition
Results show that the new alkali composition effectively breaks down the yellow-red tinge remaining in hair after bleaching which can impede beautiful color development.

Effectiveness of the Gemini-type amino acid derivative *1 (new AHP base)

Widens the CMC which is the path for dye molecules and hair repair ingredients so that such active ingredients can penetrate the hair more easily. In addition, it is quickly adsorbed by the cuticles, cortex and other damaged parts of the hair, thus repairing hair damage comprehensively.

*1 Soduim dilauramidoglutamide lysine (wetting agent)

Realization of color development that is easy to calculate and less turbid during mixing

Easy to calculate with a wide range of color expression

Tint design that ensures each system color develops beautifully with almost the same saturation. By collecting saturation color graduation, it can be clearly displayed on the circle of a hue plane. When mixing, a beautiful intermediate color can be achieved and the saturation is stable, making it easier to calculate the mixing of color.

Mixing example

Even when mixing, it is possible to create intermediate colors that develop beautifully without muddying.


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18 hues that enable a wide range of color expression
Image when dyeing gray hair.
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