• 2020.11.13
    • #Media


    我們由衷感謝大家一直以來對中野製藥産品的支持。 近期,在臺灣市場上流通著中野製藥産品的偽造品,本公司長久以來致力於提供専業美髪沙龍,可以被美髪專業人士所認同的高品質髪品,對於發生這様的事件,感到非常的遺憾與痛心。
  • 2020.02.18
    • #Press

    New Release - Dry Shampoo [Settle]

    New product: Dry Shampoo [Settle], a new hair care proposal for customers from salons that will support the revitalization of sales, will be released on Tuesday 7 April.
  • 2020.02.07
    • #Media

    Release of [caradeco Proposal Color (5 accent colors)]

    On Thursday 27 February, 5 additional items will be released from [caradeco], the coloring agent that makes a wide variety of color expression possible.
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