Product Information

Hair coloring changed by Agent 2.

SUSTINO, which was originally developed by NAKANO, is a hair coloring agent for the future of salon colors that relieves customers of discomfort during treatment.


  • Sustino Oxide 06

  • Sustino Oxide 02

  • SUSTINO Agent 1

  • ※ Please use the hair color (quasi-drug) correctly after thoroughly reading the precautions.
  • ※ Do not use if you have developed irritation after using hair color in the past. In addition, do not conduct a skin allergy test (patch test).
  • ※ Please conduct a skin allergy test (patch test) each time before use.
  • Regarding "irritation" and "skin allergy test (patch test)", please visit the Japan Hair Color Industry Association website ⇒


The [hybrid base] relieves customers from discomfort

Reducing discomfort during application and maintaining good dyeability, the [hybrid base] has been developed so that customers are able to enjoy hair coloring throughout their lifetime.

Characteristics of the emulsion
Normally, with both hair coloring Agents 1 and 2, it is an O/W (oil-in-water) type emulsion in which oil droplets exist in the aqueous phase. With this type of emulsion, the alkaline and hydrogen peroxide dissolve in water, and while on the one hand this has the characteristic of enabling good dye-ability for the hair and skin, on the other hand it can cause irritation to the skin. In comparison, a W/O (water-in-oil) type emulsion (Illustration 1) is a cream in which the water droplets are floating in oil, and the alkaline and hydrogen peroxide components are dissolved in water droplets. In this emulsion, the irritant materials in the water droplets largely avoid contact with the skin, and while this reduces irritation on the scalp, it also has the characteristic of reduced dye-ability.
Hybrid base
By combining two different emulsion types utilizing the advantages of each [scalp stress reduction] and [good dye-ability] are achieved, for a completely new hair color base.