Product Information

Embodying the sensitivity of top stylists, [proist] for professionals


Collaboration with DOUBLE

  • NAKANO Styling Proist

    Dense foam with resilience creates charmingly beautiful wavy styles.

  • NAKANO Styling Proist

    Dense foam with resilience creates charmingly beautiful wavy styles with moderate holding strength.


Collaboration with ANTI

  • NAKANO Styling Proist
    Essence Foam

    Fine foam bubbles penetrate quickly, bringing hair together smoothly right to the tips.

  • NAKANO Styling Proist
    Essence Oil

    Non-sticky oil arranges hair with a moist feel.



Dense Foam… [2 types of foam suitable for wavy styles]

The secret of Double’s favored foam is resilience and density.


The foam is made of dense bubbles that resist breaking, so it can be applied by massaging firmly even from the hair interior, creating charmingly beautiful waves.

A fresh herbal floral fragrance, brimming with elegance

Double/Salon Profile

Mr. Koji Yamashita has led the development of 3 salons: HEARTS, Double and COR.
With stylists demonstrating notable depth, the hair designs proposed by each have a reputation for high quality.

Penetrating Foam… [A foam that makes it easy to handle hair regardless of style]

The secret of ANTI’s favored foam is fineness and adaptability.


The fine-grained adaptable foam penetrates into the hair just as toner is absorbed into the skin, giving moisture while repairing the hair to make it feel good to the touch.

A woody floral scent that is refined and elegant

Orange Oil… [Contains natural astaxanthin]

The secret of Anti’s favored oil is non-stickiness and ongoing moisturizing
Focuses on the main causes of damage – UV rays, dryness and oxidation.Contains astaxanthin and hazelnut oil to repair hair damage caused by ultraviolet rays and reduce hair color fading.Produces hair flow with lightness and bundling while maintaining a natural shine without stickiness.

A relaxed scent of elegant and glamorous rose and jasmine, arranged with blackcurrant and mandarin orange.

ANTI/Salon profile

ANTI offers styling to each customer based on the theme “What kind of female image shall we create?”
Approaches from trade journals and women's magazines attest to their high popularity.