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  • Wax Style Item : wax_6
  • Gel Style Item : gel_freeze
  • Grease Style Item : grease
  • Clay Style Item : clay


  • Protects hairstyles from moistureIncludes a waterproof polymer*1
  • Repairs damage to hair caused by
    dryness and UV ray exposureIncludes shea butter*2
  • Contains moisturizing ingredientsPaeonia Albiflora root extract,
    Sapindus Trifoliatus fruit extract,
    Coffea Arabica (coffee) seed extract,
    Alteromonas ferment extract

*1 (Methacryloyl Ethyl Betaine / Acrylates) copolymer
*2 Butyrospermum Parkii (shea) butter


A scent that evokes adult sexiness

A scent that evokes adult sexinessWhite floral is layered over top notes of citrus, with the cleanliness of musk and a hint of woody to bring together fresh middle notes for a deep, masculine fragrance

TOP Orange, Grapefruit → MIDDLE Peony, Lotus, White floral → LAST Musk, Woody


  • WAX
    Modenica Art Wax 4/6/8
    モデニカ アート ワックス 4/6/8

    An airy texture that maintains style.3 types of wax with different setting strengths

    • - The inclusion of [candelilla wax] as the main setting component ensures easy to create detailed styles with light hair bundles.
    • - When the wax is worked around in the palm of the hand (about 30 times), the moisture content dissipates quickly due to the evaporation effect, and setting strength is increased by about one level.
  • GEL
    Modenica Art Gel A/T/F
    モデニカ アート ジェル A/T/F

    3 types of gel with different setting speeds

    • A: Hard gel that promises greater free-styling enjoyment for both wavy and unruly hair.
    • T: Fast-drying and long-lasting hard gel for tightly groomed styles with elasticity.
    • F: Fast-drying hard gel that maintains style over long periods for highly fixed, wild and seductive looks.
    Modenica Art Grease
    モデニカ アート グリース

    Fiber included to enable the expression of movement and hair bundles.
    Hard grease for wet styles

    • - Setting strength is maintained and good stretch-ability is achieved due to the inclusion of a fiber component*.
    • - Expression of wax-like hair bundles and movement.
    • - Easy to wash out

    * PEG-90M

  • CLAY
    Modenica Art Clay
    モデニカ アート クレイ

    Matte texture with a light finish.
    A clay that is able to hold and maintain fixed styles

    • - Wax-like application.
    • - Cleansing ingredient (plant derived surfactant)* included for easy washing.

    * PEG 20 Glyceryl Triisostearate

    Modenica Art Spray

    Soft spraying action to achieve wide coverage.
    Optimal for short to medium styling

    • - For long-lasting styles with a firm hold.
    • - Wide spraying range to suit men’s styling.