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mioto by FOLIAGE

Let’s begin a new type of scalp care that will change your styling results

~Lifting scalp residue with the power of foam~

“Styling never seems to work out the way I want…”
“I get no lift from the roots and can’t get the styling right…”

These problems could be caused by [residue buildup] on the scalp
Applying Clear Foam Cleansing prior to your usual shampoo by gently massaging it into the scalp is an easy way to lift built up residue for a cleaner scalp.


Feels refreshing

Refreshing ingredient: menthol

  • mioto by FOLIAGE Clear Foam Fresh

  • mioto by FOLIAGE Clear Foam Fresh


Feels moist

Moisturizing ingredients: sodium hyaluronate/ succinoyl atelocollagen/ yuzu fruit extract

  • mioto by FOLIAGE Clear Foam Moist

  • mioto by FOLIAGE Clear Foam Moist



Residue buildup and styling

[Residue buildup] refers to the sebum, sweat and oil-based styling products that are left on the scalp when time and care aren’t spent on the shampooing process.

Clear foam cleansing before shampooing

lifts tough residue, refreshes the scalp, and fluffs up the roots!

The mechanism of residue removal by Clear Foam Cleansing

(conceptual illustration)