Product Information

The theme is stress reduction. For those searching for the ideal style… Curling agents for flexible styling.

Stress-free, the curls you want with styling freedom – a styling challenge into the unknown.


Curl X SPI Series

  • Curl X SPI-1

  • Curl X SPI-1N

  • Curl X SPI-1T

  • Curl X SC-2


Curl X CYA Series

  • Curl X CYA-1N

  • Curl X CYA-1T

  • Curl X SC-2




Stress reduction for ingredients
  • Reduced damage
  • UV protection
  • Improved feel
Stress reduction for salon work
  • Easy selection of chemical solutions and rods
  • Desired curl shape achievable
  • Excellent curl retention and easy styling every day

Double Hair Repair (Thermo-chaining, Ion-coating)

Two types of keratin PPT and heat active PPT react with a curling forming system using heat to repair the inside of the hair and increase the curl retention.
A strong protective coating is formed by the cationic conditioning component and ion bond.
Daily damage care after the curling treatment is provided and maintained until the next salon treatment. The anionic conditioning component SC-2 is ion-bonded to the cationic conditioning component of Repairment® to form a stronger protective coating.

[REPAIRMENT] is a registered trademark of Nakano Seiyaku Co., Ltd.

UV Protection

Radical reduction (antioxidant) protects the hair from ultraviolet rays.
Caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays, [radicals] are one of the causes of hair damage.

Improved Curl Retention

Keratin PPT and Heat Active PPT, which are important for curl retention, react like thermo-chaining and improve the holding power of the curl.

Odor Reduction

With organic germanium blended into the first agent and orange oil in SC-2, the residual odor after treatment is greatly reduced. Furthermore, the formulated fragrance, blended in cooperation with a perfume manufacturer, reduces unpleasant odor during the curling process.

Features of the Reducing Agent

Difference in curl forming power by damage level

Thioglycolic acid and cysteine rapidly increase the curl formation power against damaged hair, but cysteamine and thioglycerin are relatively mild. In particular, spiera® gives uniform curls regardless of damage level.

*Does not indicate the difference in the curl forming power of each reducing agent.

Difference in curl forming power by pH

Thioglycolic acid, cysteine, thioglycerin, and cysteamine have weak curl forming power when pH is low, and curl formation power is stronger at a high pH. On the other hand, the spiera® has less change in curl forming power due to pH, and also forms curls in acidic to neutral regions.

  • ※[SPIERA] is a registered trademark of Showa Denko Co., Ltd.