Product Information
caradeco support item

Support items to ensure comfortable salon color

Hair color support items that make a more "comfortable salon color" a reality by taking into account skin dyeing and scalp irritation during hair color treatment, and focusing on the ease of use of product containers. This has enabled a meticulous response to the needs of end users and salons.


  • caradeco protect cream
    (Protective cream for skin)

    ・ Soft with great operability (easy to scoop with fingers, good spreadability), excellent workability.
    ・ Can be applied uniformly.
    ・ Prevents dyeing on the skin.
    ・ It can be washed off quickly and easily.

  • caradeco protect oil
    (Treatment oil for scalp and hair)

    ・ Easy to apply spray-type.
    ・ Even if it adheres to the hair, it does not inhibit coloring.
    ・ Removes residual silicone from hair that affects dyeing, preventing uneven dyeing.
    ・ Reduces hair tangling during hair coloring and reduces damage caused by combing.
    ・ Macadamia nut oil and lanolin repair CMC and prevent hair weakening.

  • caradeco color remover
    (Cleaning product for wiping)

    ・ With skin stain removal effect, removes color agents attached to the skin.
    ・ Since it is foamy, it can be easily applied without using cotton. Fingertip application is sufficient to remove dye, thus reducing irritation and friction compared with the use of cotton.
    ・ Because it is foamy, it can be applied directly on the hair coloring agent before emulsification.As a result, the hair coloring agent does not come into contact with the air and is thus easily removed.

  • caradeco quickplex
    (Support item for oxidative hair dye)

    A pretreatment item used before bleaching and coloring hair. Gluconic acid induction※1 and maleic acid induction※2 repair the hair and reduce damage as a result of bleaching and coloring.
    [Hair repair ingredients]
    ※1 Hydroxypropylgluconamide
    ※2 PVM/MA Copolymer

  • Caradeco toner® bleach powder EX

    caradeco toner® bleach powder EX makes beautiful bleaching possible in a short time right through to high tones.
    Moreover, the cream holds its state for a prolonged period and is therefore easy to apply, producing an even finish.

    400g (20g X 20 sachets)