Product Information
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The secret to long-lasting beautiful hair color.

Surely you want to make your beautifully colored hair color last…
For women who want to enjoy hair color shades for longer.


caradeco Veil Shower

Prevents color fading, and maintains a beautiful hair color with shine.

  • caradeco Veil Shower

    60ml/200ml/500ml/400ml refill

caradeco Hair Pack Light Volume

Gentle on delicate hair, and locks in moisture internally.

  • caradeco Hair Pack Light Volume


caradeco Hair Pack Moist

  • caradeco Hair Pack Moist

    60g/200g/500g/400g refill


colored hair & happy life

Three points for enjoying hair color tones for longer
Inhibition of color bleeding
A combination of surfactants with comparatively low dye outflow inhibits color fading from daily shampooing.
Protection from physical damage
Prevents the outflow of dye, amino acids and moisture, making smooth, shiny hair a reality.
Protection from environmental damage
Protein-derived ingredients repair damage and balance condition, providing care for damage caused by heat and UV rays.

Product Features

caradeco Veil Shower (Shampoo)
  • Rich lather envelops hair to gently wash and provide moisture.
  • Amphiphilic*conditioning ingredients evenly protect the hair surface, preventing tangling and squeaking.
    *Combines the hydrophilic part with the hydrophobic part.
  • Non-silicone, sulfate (lauryl/laureth sulfate) free formula.

Image of damage control

Suppresses and supplements the outflow of amino acids that make up the hair.

caradeco Hair Pack (Repairment®)
  • Cares for hair damaged due to UV (ultraviolet radiation) exposure.
Light Volume
Gives airiness and volume from the roots, and brings the hair tips together pliantly.
Provides a lush moistness, and brings the whole head of hair together smoothly.

Image of damage control

Keeps amino acids in place