Product Information

I want to express,
conveyHair color that creates communication

Communication with customers - counseling, is the key to differentiating salon colors from home colors.
It is important to provide thorough counseling and propose a unique, one-of-a-kind color.caradeco is a hair color that can be proposed to all generations.
"What you want to express" to customers directly to “convey” your message. caradeco is able to help with that.

New Information!
On sale Friday July 22, 2022!

New colors [White], [Silver] and [Pale Pink] have been added to the [Light Color] category of [CONTRAST DESIGN], which expresses the contrast between ‘light and dark’.
With a total of 11 colors (8 ‘light colors’ and 3 ‘dark colors’), [CONTRAST DESIGN] can be used for a wide range of designs, from monotone to the abundant color variations within ‘light and dark’.


  • caradeco Agent 1 (Alkali type)

  • caradeco Agent 1 (Tinter type)

  • caradeco Oxide 06 Agent 2 (6% hydrogen peroxide)

  • caradeco Oxide 02 Agent 2 (2% hydrogen peroxide)

  • ※ Please use the hair color (quasi-drug) correctly after thoroughly reading the precautions.
  • ※ Do not use if you have developed irritation after using hair color in the past. In addition, do not conduct a skin allergy test (patch test).
  • ※ Please conduct a skin allergy test (patch test) each time before use.
  • Regarding "irritation" and "skin allergy test (patch test)", please visit the Japan Hair Color Industry Association website ⇒


Color Proposal
Hair color can be enjoyed according to season and lifestyle, just like fashion.
Apart from the standard line-up, caradeco is leading the hair color design of the era and proposes items that create trends.
By introducing customers to a wide range of proposals that are ahead of the curve, it is possible to enhance the value of salon coloring.
Fashion Colors and Gray Colors are no longer separated
caradeco combines 3 lines; bright and fashionable Vivid color (high chroma line), calm shades of Moderate color (medium chroma line), and Deep color (low chroma line) that beautifully dyes gray hair, into a single brand lineup. A wide range of hair colors that can be mixed freely and be used from fashion colors to first gray colors and gray colors has been achieved.

Gem condition and comfort made possible with an ALC Base

ALC Base (Anionic liquid crystal base)
Improved Dyeability
・ Effective ingredient works efficiently inside hair
・ Improved dyeability by cation-free and silicone-free
Reduced Hair Damage
・ Elimination of residual alkali
・ Approx. 30% reduction in alkali
Improved User-friendliness
Easy to put, easy to mix, apply, comb through,Improvement of operability of check and emulsification
・ Improved operability due to specially designed soft cream, making it easy to squeeze out, mix, apply, comb through, and check for development and emulsification.
Reduced Odor
・ ALC base suppresses ammonia volatilization
・ Chamomile scent
Extra Features
Damage repair /
Improvement of adsorption property of Repairment
・ Similar ingredients of protein lost by hair color→ Hydrolyzed PPT ※1
Gives Gloss and Smoothness
Cholesterol derivative with excellent hydration ※2 & lanolin combination ※3

Hydrolyzed keratin solution (hair protection agent)Soy protein hydrolyzate (hair protection agent)
N- [2-hydroxy-3- [3- (dihydroxymethylsilyl) propoxy] propyl hydrolyzed keratin (hair protecting agent)N- [2-hydroxy-3- [3- (dihydroxymethylsilyl) propoxy] propyl hydrolyzed soy protein (hair protectant)N- [2-hydroxy-3- [3- (dihydroxymethylsilyl) propoxy] propyl hydrolyzed silk (hair protection agent)
Cholesteryl hydroxystearate (hair protection agent)
Lanolin (base)