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caradeco acidcolor

Acid color completely focused on ease of use

caradeco Acid Color is the result of thoroughly researched real-use situations, and is focused on [ease of use].
As the use of acid colors spreads, new menu options that could not be done with alkaline colors alone are born.


  • caradeco acidcolor (Acidic hair dye)



Adoption of MDC Base

MDC Base [MDC = Micro Dispersion Cream : Microscopic Dispersion Cream]
By the function of high-performance polymers with complex and fine structures, the penetration promoting component containing the dye is dispersed in micro units throughout the cream, thereby enhancing operability and permeability.
Excellent operability
By adopting the MDC base, it is now possible to apply to the lowest possible part of the roots without worrying about dripping even when heating.
High permeability
MDC-based dispersion technology greatly reduces the penetration promoting components that are blended into acidic colors to penetrate the dye into the hair (approximately 40% less than in our previous history) and also achieves high stainability without blending excess dye.
Reduced color loss
The unique dye balance and MDC-based high permeability reduce color loss during shampooing and color transfer to towels and clothing.

Excellent conditioning

Hair damage repair
By blending in Heat Active PPT, damaged hair is repaired.
In addition, smooth polymer and macadamia nut oil give moisture and luster, leading to a supple, bouncy texture.

Original dye balance

Lineup of three primary colors - color calculation as you want, even when mixing
By blending heat active PPT, damaged hair is repaired.
In addition, smooth polymer and macadamia nut oil give moisture and luster, leading to a supple, bouncy texture.
New technology, color design proposal that does not care about light sources
In natural light, both our conventional product and caradeco acidcolor look the same brown, but under fluorescent and incandescent light, our conventional product looks green and dull. However, the caradeco acidcolor hair swatch looks natural, without the green tinge.
Maintains a natural color even when fading
The original dye balance suppresses the occurrence of dye residue and makes fading more natural. The influence on color change is also decreased.

Proposals that utilize the special features of acidcolor

Proposal #1
Glossy Color Menu
caradeco acidcolor has four items in the silver color group that are ideal for first grays through to gray hair. When used, the silver group colors do not stand out between regrowth and the previously dyed part. This makes them an excellent choice for blending gray hair, and even easier to recommend as an option to customers.
Proposal #2
Shining Treatment Menu
A proposal of mixing Purplish-Silver and clear to make the most of acidcolor’s excellent glossiness and conditioning.
Proposal #3
Take a Break From Alkaline Color
A recommended option for customers who are worried about damage due to the repeated use of alkaline color treatments.
Proposal #4
Increased Color Retention Menu
A procedure which uses acidcolor as an extra step after applying an alkaline color treatment.
Color retention is improved, and this can be used as a selling point for promoting improved salon treatments.


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