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Message from the Chairperson and the new President.

Happy New Year 2020.
Let me express the greetings of the new year 2020.
■Message from the Chairperson

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your ongoing patronage of our company and our products.

Last year, we celebrated our 60th anniversary. On January 1st of this year, the new President took office, and I began my appointment as Chairperson. In the 30 years since I became president, many things have happened, but I feel that I have been able to overcome these twists and turns and give up my seat to the new President thanks to the assistance and support of a great many people. Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to these people.

From this year, the new President will take charge of our company's management on behalf of me and work to develop the future. From now on, using the analogy of a four-wheel drive car, the new President will take control of the front wheels, and I will provide firm support at the rear of the vehicle. On top of that, no matter how bumpy the road, I intend to maintain my strong and unwavering support moving forward.

I look forward to what the new era of NAKANO will bring, and humbly ask for your continued support.

Nakano Seiyaku Co., Ltd.
Chairperson of the Board
Representative Director
Kotaro Nakano

■Message from the new President

Shaping Beauty Together

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of our founding, I was appointed President and Representative Director beginning January 1st, 2020. Since our establishment in 1959, NAKANO has always aimed to focus on customers and has been committed to making products with integrity. The Reiwa era has brought rapid change, and the values and needs of our customers have diversified. We will continue to value the traditions that have been cultivated over the past 60 years, but remain flexible enough to adapt to change as required. Our mission statement is [Co-creation: Creating beauty and contributing to the people of the world]. We will make every effort to be true to this moving forward.

In addition, we have renewed our corporate message this year to [Shaping Beauty Together]. For people, the existence of [Beauty] is irreplaceable, and has the ability to truly enrich our daily lives. Looking to the future, NAKANO will strive both to create value in conjunction with all stakeholders through this Beauty, and to realize a sustainable industry and society.

It is the beginning of a new era.
In order to create new value, we will work as a team and take on challenges with positivity and earnest.
We look forward to your continued support of NAKANO in the future.

Nakano Seiyaku Co., Ltd.
Representative Director
Takaya Nakano