Refining the man,Foliage.

Addressing the concerns of ageing including scalp odor,hair thinning and dandruff,it is easy to use and provides a refreshing feeling.

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Products Lineup

  • Foliage Cleansing Shampoo

    Foliage Cleansing Shampoo

    • 300ml ¥1,800(excluding tax)
    • 500ml ¥2,800(excluding tax)
    • 1500ml
  • Foliage Scalp Treatment

    Foliage Scalp Repairment

    • 250g ¥2,400(excluding tax)
    • 500g ¥4,000(excluding tax)
    • 1500g
  • Foliage Scalp Essence GM (Hair Tonic)

    Foliage Scalp Essence EX-GM (Hair Tonic)

    Quasi drug

    • 200ml ¥6,000(excluding tax)

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Forever youthful, Adding polish to the refined man

  • Hair growth promotion
    By stimulating the hair papilla cells,the hair cycle is normalized, which leads to the growth of stronger, thicker, robust hair.
  • For a healthy scalp
    By supressing scalp inflammation, dandruff and itching is prevented. The cause of hair loss, excess sebum secretion, is supressed and the scalp is kept clean.

4 active ingredients leading to healthy, robust hair

Noteworthy active ingredients

Noteworthy active ingredients

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