Release of [caradeco quickplex]


New Item

NAKANO Seiyaku Co.,Ltd. (Head office: Kyoto / Director-President: Kotaro Nakano) would like to announce the upcoming release on Friday 19 April of [caradeco quickplex], a supplement item for oxidation hair dye that not only reduces damage during coloring, but is also easy to apply. The one-step application makes salon work more efficient and productive for our salon clients.
The upcoming release of [caradeco quickplex] realizes not only reduced damage during coloring and or bleaching, but also moves away from the category of what up until now was a standard two-step process, to a one-step simply applied supplement item for oxidation hair dye. Thanks to this epochal item, when coloring, and especially when carrying out bleach care, the amount of application time is greatly reduced which will surely connect to greater customer satisfaction and virtually erase salon dissatisfaction regarding current bleach care options. At the same time, providing assistance with increasing both business efficiency and productivity, the one-step process means that excellent cost performance is also achieved,

(Product Summary)

■Product name, quantity
Product name: caradeco quickplex
Quantity: 500ml each
■Release date
19 April 2019 (Friday)

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