Release of new 2019 spring-summer trend colors [Baby Pink] [Baby Orange]


New Item

NAKANO Seiyaku Co.,Ltd. (Head office: Kyoto / Director-President: Kotaro Nakano) would like to announce the upcoming release on Wednesday 27 February of additional colors (2 hues, 14 items) from [caradeco], the coloring agent that makes a wide variety of color expression possible.
The additional colors to be released are colors that our company is focusing on as trend colors for spring-summer 2019. Triggered by the ongoing popularity of the greige color group in recent years, designs making full use of bleach are increasing in the hair color market. This trend will continue in the future, and we believe that a wider range of color tones are necessary. From that setting, these new items were designed based on bleached hair, and can express [cuteness] [softness] and [transparency] even on brightly bleached hair.
The lineup includes two hues [BABY PINK] and [BABY ORANGE] with alkali type tone configurations of 5, 7, 9, 11 tone; tint type (dye replenishment type) in 5, 7, 9 tone for a total of 14 items (8 alkali items and 6 tint items).

(Product Summary)

■Product name, quantity
Baby Pink (BP/m)
Alkali Type  NCaradeco BP/m-5、BP/m-7、BP/m-9、BP/m-11
Tinter Type  NCaradeco BP/m-5t、BP/m-7t、BP/m-9t
80g each
Baby Orange (BO/m)
Alkali Type  NCaradeco BO/m-5、BO/m-7、BO/m-9、BO/m-11
Tinter Type  NCaradeco BO/m-5t、BO/m-7t、BO/m-9t
80g each
2 hues, 14 items

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