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NAKANO Seiyaku Co.,Ltd. (President Kotaro Nakano) would like to announce the upcoming release of SUSTINO on Tuesday 25 September, a new hair color brand that reduces scalp stress and thus allows for more a more comfortable coloring experience thanks to to the development of a new coloring base agent via an original company technology.
Along with a wide variety of color expression on offer, there has been a great improvement in hair damage care technology within coloring products available in the marketplace. On the other hand, for salon coloring, there are customers who are reluctant to undergo coloring due to concerns of scalp irritation and age related skin changes. SUSTINO was created specifically with those customers in mind, with the aim of allaying such fears and making salon coloring a more positive and enjoyable experience.
Agent 2 is the main focus of SUSTINO. It is widely accepted that hair color performance is decided by Agent 1, however in the case of SUSTINO Agent 2 plays an important role and it can be said that this "Agent 2 has changed hair coloring." This is because, unlike regular Agent 2 bases, it uses a W/O (water-in-oil) type emulsion, working with the O/W (oil-in-water) type emulsion of Agent 1 to utilize the advantages of each through the successful development of an original company technology for a new hair color base (hybrid base). Through the cream base of these newly developed unique Agent 1 and 2 products, the realization of comfortable hair coloring with good dye-ability and reduced scalp burden can be experienced.
Furthermore, in relation to the oxidation dye mixture, customers can experience an even more comfortable hair coloring technique thanks to the para-phenylenediamine free formulation and the inclusion of comfrey extract (moisturizing ingredient).
Through SUSTINO, our company would like to offer more comfortable and enjoyable hair coloring for as many customers as possible, thus highlighting the attractiveness of salon coloring even more.
* For further details, please refer to the separate news release titled [Successful development of a new base of hair color for the next generation!]

(Product Summary)

■Product name, quantity
□ 1st Agent [quasi-drug]
Product name: Sustino Agent 1
Number of items: 3 hues (NB/WB/CB), 16 items
Quantity: 80g each
□ 2nd Agent [quasi-drug]
Product name: Sustino oxide 06,Sustino oxide 02
Number of items: 2 items in total (6%, 2%)
Quantity: 1050ml each
■Release date
25 September 2018 (Tuesday)

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