Successful development of a new base of hair color for the next generation!



Thanks to an original company technology, NAKANO Seiyaku Co.,Ltd. (President Kotaro Nakano) would like to announce the successful development of a new base of hair color, that will lead the way in the next generation of hair coloring.
With hair color being a major feature of any hair salon menu, it can be said that it is our mission as a product maker to pursue the development of hair coloring agents in order to offer the most comfortable hair coloring treatment to our salon clients. Reducing scalp stress, and thus reducing the burden on customers is one of the major issues to be considered. If this problem is solved, customers who, for example, suspend or abandon hair coloring due to scalp irritation or those who tend to lengthen their coloring cycle, those who shy away from coloring due to age related skin changes, and those who feel anxious or have a sense of resistance due to a fear of color related irritation, would be able to approach hair coloring with a more positive feeling and even be able to enjoy the experience if the coloring technology becomes more accessible.
Our company has been working to solve this problem over many years of research and development and, finally, after 4 years, a new hair color base that reduces scalp stress and also the burden on customers has been successfully developed.
We believe that the realization of a comfortable coloring experience that this new base provides will become the standard, leading the way in the next generation of hair coloring. Furthermore, utilizing this knowledge for the development of new products, with our corporate message [To the beauty salon!] as a base, we shall continue to research and develop hair coloring technology in order to make coloring an even safer and even more comfortable experience for customers.

The details of this new technology wrote the following.
[Explanation of the new technology]
The main irritant of hair coloring agent (oxidizing hair dye) is the alkaline included in Agent 1 and the hydrogen peroxide included in Agent 2. It is when these irritative materials come into contact with the scalp that primary irritation, such as tingling, occurs.
With the patent pending new technology of our company, this newly developed hair color base markedly reduces this primary irritation, reducing the burden on customers receiving a hair color treatment.
Going into more detail, focusing on the main hair coloring irritants, namely the alkaline in Agent 1 and the hydrogen peroxide in Agent 2, with a new idea unheard of until now, making it difficult for those main irritant materials to come in contact with the scalp means the main cause of irritation is greatly reduced.
Normally, with both hair coloring Agents 1 and 2, it is an O/W (oil-in-water) type emulsion (Illustration 1) in which oil droplets exist in the aqueous phase. With this type of emulsion, the alkaline and hydrogen peroxide dissolve in water and while on the one hand this has the merit of enabling good dye-ability for the hair and skin, on the other hand it has the demerit of causing irritation to the skin.
In comparison, a W/O (water-in-oil) type emulsion (Illustration 1) is a cream in which the water droplets seem to be floating in the oil. Because of this, the irritant materials in the water largely avoid contact with the skin, and in addition the oil works to protect the skin, thus providing the merit of a reduction in irritation. On the other hand, the oil component inhibits hair dye-ability, so there is the demerit of a reduction in the quality of coloring.
The new base that our company has developed has the large merit of using an O/W type emulsion for Agent 1 and a W/O type emulsion for Agent 2. In using the W/O type emulsion in Agent 2, irritation causing materials are less likely to come in contact with the skin, and stress to the scalp is greatly reduced. Additionally, Agent 2 acts to optimize the effectiveness of Agent 1, and the demerit of poor dye-ability is eliminated.
In short, by using two different emulsion types and utilizing the advantages of each, [scalp stress reduction] and [good dye-ability] are achieved, heralding the birth of a completely new hair color base. (Illustration 2 & 3)
With the development of this new base, our company is hoping that such a development will see the realization of making even more comfortable hair coloring possible for those customers who have experienced discomfort and irritation in the past.
*For objective data regarding reduced scalp stress, please see the next page.

[Objective data regarding reduced scalp stress]
The objective analysis of data results regarding [reduction of scalp irritation] when using this new base for hair color are explained below.
In order to evaluate the irritancy of the hair coloring agent, the release amount of a stimuli-responsive substance called IL-1a * released from the skin cells was measured, and an objective evaluation was performed. (Illustration 4)
When the release amount of a stimuli-responsive substance (IL-1a) after treatment was examined by applying the new base and an existing hair color base to the 3D skin model and compared, it was confirmed that after applying the new base, the release amount of IL-1a was greatly reduced, and that a reduction in irritation was also achieved.
*One of the stimuli-responsive substances which is produced when skin cells are stimulated from the outside. The stronger the stimulation, the greater the amount produced.

In addition, we evaluated the degree of skin burden after hair color treatment by skin moisture transpiration (TEWL). (Illustration 5)
In detail, when the forearm of a person was treated with a hair coloring agent and the amount of transpiration of skin moisture was measured thereafter, the skin moisture transpiration amount (TEWL) of the new base was significantly lower than that of the existing hair color base, and it was confirmed that irritation to the skin was reduced.

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