Creating beautiful hair color with three Cs: the "caradeco 3C system"


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At our company, in order to maintain a salon color that customers can enjoy for longer, we consider that it is necessary to comprehend a system rather than stand-alone hair coloring items. To this end we have brought together a system at this time, which we have labeled the "caradeco 3C system".
This system is a system designed to "create beautiful hair color" and bring out the appeal of salon coloring through the interconnected work of salon color, together with shampoo and repairment to be used at salons directly after hair coloring (salon care) and also shampoo and repairment to be used by customers at home (home care) (refer to the conceptual diagram on the following page).
The key points of this system are "ionicity" and "amino acids".

■ Regarding "ionicity"
Each item* of our company's hair coloring agent "caradeco" employs the amino acid hair pack base (AHP base) or the anionic liquid crystal base (ALC base) as the base for its hair color. These are anionic which means they form ionic bonds with "caradeco colorcare", the next stage in the process, and this forms a strongly connected veil of protection which protects hair from physical damage, prevents the leakage of hair dye and amino acids and creates smooth and shiny hair. Also, "caradeco homecare", for use at home, replenishes this veil of protection to arrest the advance of hair color fading and also damage, so that beautiful long-lasting hair color is achieved.
* caradeco, caradeco museria, caradeco pave, caradeco recara

■ Regarding "amino acids"
Each item* of hair coloring agent "caradeco" employing the amino acid hair pack base (AHP base) thoroughly demonstrates the potential of amino acids, the components from which hair is constructed. Amino acids which tend to be lost through coloring are replenished while dyeing so that hair is given moisture and shine and a finish with consistency that feels good to touch. Also, an amino acid complex is formed with the shampoo and repairment of "caradeco colorcare" which is the next step used in the procedure, to repair the surface and interior of hair. Furthermore, "caradeco homecare" replenishes the amino acid complex formed during salon care to repair the interior and exterior of hair and give hair shine and moisture.
* caradeco museria, caradeco pave, caradeco recara

With this "caradeco 3C system" as a base, we have given a sense of unity to the products actually used by salons and customers. In order to integrate this system, at this time we are releasing a renewal of "caradeco colorcare" (see separate news release) and for "caradeco homecare", we are releasing mini-sized products which can be used as a trial to give even more customers a chance to use the products.

(Product Summary)

■Product name, quantity & pricing (all prices exclusive of tax)
caradeco veil shower 60ml ¥ 600
caradeco hairpack light volume 60g  ¥ 800
caradeco hairpack moist 60g  ¥ 800
■Release date
30 March 2016 (Wednesday)

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