If you have any queries regarding the following products or events, please contact our Customer Service Center.

For all inquiries regarding products, product purchase (stockists), events and seminars, please contact the customer support center.

Inquiry form

For all inquiries separate to those listed above (products, stockists, event related), please use the form below.

Inquiry form

Notice of use

  • The personal information submitted by customers will be strictly stored and managed, and will not be used for purposes other than originally intended.
  • For inquiries made via this form outside business hours, and/or depending on the nature of the inquiry, there is a chance of delay in replying or being unable to provide an answer to the inquiry. In addition, in order to provide the most detailed response possible, please be aware that there are times where we may contact you directly by telephone.
  • For inquiries made using this form by customers employing strict spam e-mail settings, there is a possibility that your account will not accept a reply from us. When making an inquiry, please check the status of your e-mail settings and, if necessary, set your account to accept correspondence from our individual domain (see below).
  • Depending on the nature of the inquiry, we may contact you directly by telephone in order to confirm details, and there is also a possibility that we may provide a response to your inquiry directly by telephone.
Regarding secondary use of our company response
  • Our company's responses are answers provided to an inquiry from a particular customer and, as such, we strongly prohibit the use for another purpose, the secondary use and also the release to someone other than the applicable customer, of any one part or the whole of these answers without our company's permission.
For customers who wish to purchase our products overseas

Currently, inquiries from overseas customers who wish to purchase our products in countries or regions other than those to which we currently export to, may be unable to be fulfilled due to the legal regulations of those countries or regions. We are apologize in advance for the inconvenience in such cases.

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