NAKANO SEIYAKU Co.,Ltd. President

NAKANO SEIYAKU Co.,Ltd. President

For a number of years our company has developed products for industry professionals, and built strength in the areas of both development and technology. More recently, we are making active advancements in ODM and OEM operations.

Utilizing our vast experience in conjunction with capturing the precise needs of clients enables state of the art product development, and it is our privilege to support original product development for a wide client base.

We have gained highly favorable feedback from our clients for being able to provide flexible and speedy service, thanks to sales, research and marketing staff all being concentrated in the same location at our head office in Kyoto. In addition to [Nakano Styling Wax] as the first styling category, we can also handle the entire process from planning through to production of hair care, hair color, perming agents and other products, providing clients with total support.

In addition to the domestic market, we also have experience in product development for the overseas market, and welcome enquiries from companies that are considering expansion overseas.

We are committed to being open to the varied requests of both our current and new clients, and will do our very best to respond with a proposal to meet those needs. Please feel free to consult us without obligation.

Kotaro Nakano

NAKANO SEIYAKU Co.,Ltd. President

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